UV Roll Printers

UV Roll Printers
  • The UJV100-160, from Mimaki, is a 1.6m-wide LED-UV inkjet entry-level printer. The UJV100-160 produces excellent operational performance, image quality, speed and cost -

    • Ink type: LUS-170 UV curable ink 1L bottle
    • Colours: CMYK plus White and Clear
    • Available widths: 1.6m
    Code Product Name Size
    UJV100-160 MIMAKI UJV100-160 PRINTER 1620mm Enquiry Only
  • The UJV55-320, from Mimaki, is a 3.2 m-wide LED-UV inkjet Professional printer. The UJV55-320 produces excellent print quality, with UV inks that dry instantly. 

    • Ink type: LUS-120 UV curable ink 1L bottle
    • Colours: CMYKLcLm and White
    • Available widths: 2.5m x 1.3m and 2.5m x 3.1m
    Code Product Name Size
    UJV55-320 MIMAKI UJV55-320 PRINTER 3200mm Enquiry Only