Introducing the high-definition ECO-SOL MAX® 2 - the fourth generation of Roland eco-solvent ink technology. Building on Roland’s award-winning eco-solvent ink, ECO-SOL MAX® 2 has been engineered specifically for the advanced eight-channel print head on the Roland SOLJET PRO4 and the VersaCAMM VSi Series. Featuring nine colours including CMYK, Lc, Lm, metallic, white and light black and offering a wider colour gamut, brighter metallics and more opaque white, MAX 2 ink is Roland's most versatile ink ever.

ECO-SOL MAX® 2 inks are virtually odourless, and nickel-free for a healthier work environment. Offering fast drying time, water, scratch and UV resistantance up to three years outdoors* without lamination, low cost per square metre, and broad media support, ECO-SOL MAX® 2 inks are the perfect solution for the latest wide format technology.

Feature Summary

  • Nine colours available (CMYK, LC, LM, Lk, Mt, Wt)
  • Fast drying time for improved production speed
  • Wider colour gamut for reds, blues and greens
  • Brighter metallics and higher opacity white
  • Virtually odourless and nickel free for a healthy work environment
  • Aggressively adheres to a broad range of coated and uncoated media
  • Durability up to three years outdoors without lamination*
  • Available in 440cc cartridges (220cc white and metallic)
Colour Product Name Size Price ea
Select Colour ROLAND ECO-SOL MAX2 INK 440ml
Select Colour
  • ESL4-CY4
  • ESL4-MG4
  • ESL4-YE4
  • ESL4-BK4
  • ESL4-LC4
  • ESL4-LM4
  • ESL4-LK4