Don't Work Hard, Work Smart...

The Lamidesk EasyShift features a motorised drive system, double foot switch and 5 buttons for raising and lowering the roller, allowing you to completely change the way you use a flatbed applicator.  Using traditional tables, the operator works from the area in the middle of the table. With Lamidesk, we have designed everything to happen at the edge of the table. This work area is easily accessible for the operator and allows for mounting that is very quick and easy compared with manual models.

Motor Driven

Easily switched and controlled motor drive and double foot pedal keep your hands free for precise handling of laminated materials.  All the work is done by the electric motor!  Have a particular application where you want to move the gantry manually?  No problem, press a button and the motor is disengaged!

Up/Down Switches

Switches are accessible from everywhere on the table.  Up and down control of the roller can be done from any one of the 5 buttons on the machine - so the operator does not need to move from his/her position!

Double Foot Pedal

With the double foot pedal you can control the movement of the roller from either side and the operator can stay in the area of the machine that suits his/her preferred method of work.

Height Adjustment

Working height can be adjusted from 850mm to 1020mm.  You choose the height that is right for you.  This feature is included standard on every machine.

Roll Holder - Top or End

With the roll holder, you can load your material very quickly and easily.  It is not necessary to load the material onto a bar and secure it, you just have to lay it on top between the roller and the bar, pulling it around the roller, which is then lowered prior to commencing lamination.  If mounting the bar on the end of the machine it can help you load materials prior to lamination.  This featureis included standard on every machine.

Heated Roller Option

The heated roller option has been available on roll laminators for years.  They provide the advantage of avoiding "silvering".  Silvering is the presence of encapsulated air causing the glue to not adhere to the surface perfectly.  It makes tiny spots appear in the print material.  When working with self-adhesive films the presence of heat warms up the glue so it spreads more evenly.  The effect is that you have less air encapsulated and the result is brilliant.  If you are adhering to glass or plexiglass  the heated roller is highly recommended because the glue needs to be completely transparent.  The heated roller will provide a superior finish.

LED Illumination Option

The machine is available with a table illuminated by LED strips, providing even light coverage across the whole working table.  Not only do LEDs minimise power consumption, but they also offer proven long life.  The LEDs are mounted on a steel assembly secured to cross ties and then plugged into the next unit.  In the unlikely event of LED failure units can be easily replaced.

Cutting Mat Option

For people who want to keep their toughened glass table top in pristine condition, a durable clear cutting mat is available.


Code Product Name Size
ES300/160 LAMIDESK EASYSHIFT 3.0m x 1.6m Enquiry Only
ES300/210 LAMIDESK EASYSHIFT 3.0m x 2.1m Enquiry Only
ES400/160 LAMIDESK EASYSHIFT 4.0m x 1.6m Enquiry Only
ES400/210 LAMIDESK EASYSHIFT 4.0m x 2.1m Enquiry Only
ES500/160 LAMIDESK EASYSHIFT 5.0m x 1.6m Enquiry Only